Chinese Herbal Medicine is the use of prepared natural herbal ingredients that are ingested into the body to help alleviate symptoms or to treat various health conditions

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest holistic health therapies still in use today with a history dating back thousands of years and is part of the state healthcare system in China.

The term ‘Chinese Herbal Medicine’ includes all herbal traditions emerging from China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea. It refers only to herbs traditionally located and used in these regions of the world. It follows the same classical theories common to all Chinese Medical practices.

Just like acupuncture it uses the theories of Chinese medicine to create a treatment that is tailored to each patient depending on their symptoms using a combination of herbs that work together in a formula. These formulas are used to clear pathogenic factors, move stagnation, clear Dampness and Phlegm, harmonise the Qi and nourish deficiencies of the Qi and Blood.

In today’s modern practice only organic and responsibly sourced plant-based products are used to create the formulas used to treat the body. The herbs come in fresh, dried, or granular format to be taken as a decoction or in a formed pill format to take as a supplement.


Toyohari Meridian Therapy is unique to Japan and is part of the oldest system of acupuncture still in daily use.


As in acupuncture, points are activated on the ear using inserted needles or non-invasive magnets or tiny pellets.


Applying acupuncture principles to promote relaxation and help relieve the symptoms of illness in the body.


Moxibustion is one type of hyperthermia therapy method that originated in ancient China well over 2,200 years ago.