Making authentic Japanese acupuncture accessible to everyone

Japanese Meridian Therapy is a comprehensive approach to treating the body using subtle needle techniques and heat therapy to create a relaxing and therapeutic experience. These techniques have been developed over the last four hundred years by blind and visually impaired practitioners and I’m honoured to be part of their legacy.


Toyohari Meridian Therapy is unique to Japan and is part of the oldest system of acupuncture still in daily use


Moxibustion is one type of hyperthermia therapy method that originated in ancient China well over 2,200 years ago.

Tui Na

A hands-on body massage treatment opening the body’s defensive to move energy to the meridians and muscles.

Chinese Herbs

It is one of the oldest holistic health therapies still in use today and is part of the state healthcare system in China.

Why choose Daruma?

Japanese acupuncture is recognised across the world as the gentlest of all the styles of acupuncture.

Highly trained and experienced acupuncturist

Use a combination of authentic traditional East Asian therapies

Committed to continued personal development

Registered with UK professional regulatory agencies

Other Therapies

The ancient Chinese understood that the date we are born affects our core health and how we live our lives affects our symptoms, so this is my focus in treatment planning.

“The superior practitioner treats what is not yet ill. The mediocre practitioner treats what is ill already”

Nan Jing chapter 77

Cupping Therapy

Helps treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissue, muscle knots, and swelling.

Korean Hand Therapy

Points on the hands are stimulated in the same way body acupuncture points are used in treatments.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicines are ingested into the body to help alleviate symptoms or to treat various health conditions.

Auricular Therapy

Specific points are activated on the ear using inserted needles in the same way acupuncture points are used on the body.

What patients say about Daruma Acupuncture

Do I need to prepare for my treatment?

It’s important to make sure you’ve eaten on the day of your treatment but try to leave at least an hour of going without food before your treatment. It’s best not to drink alcohol, coffee, or any caffeine drinks before or after your treatment.

Is it painful?

Japanese acupuncture is a very gentle style of acupuncture. It uses many non-invasive techniques and when we do insert a needle, we use the thinnest needles and usually only just into the skin. The majority of patients do not realise the needle is there.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is one of the safest therapies in the world when applied by a professionally trained and experienced practitioner. It’s why we train for over three years with many practical assessments and exams before we can get licensed to practice.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Treatment is designed to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism and to get all the internal organs working together in harmony. This can have a very therapeutic effect with patients feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated after treatment.