“As for the needles, for each there is an appropriate usage; each has a different shape. Each fulfils its specific function. That is the essence of needling”

Nan Shu chapter 1

Auricular acupuncture has been in wide use since the 1950’s and looks at the ear as a microsystem of the entire body. Specific points are activated on the ear using inserted needles or non-invasive magnets or tiny pellets in the same way acupuncture points are used on the body.

The NADA protocol was initially founded to aid relaxation and wellbeing for people suffering with substance misuse problems, and/or in recovery.

In more recent years, other areas of treatment that incorporate the NADA protocol as an effective intervention are stress, anxiety management & panic disorder, trauma recovery in communities following major catastrophes, aiding recovery from some psychiatric medication’s dependency, relaxation in young people with behavioural disorders, smoking cessation and ameliorating side effects from drug treatment in cancer. The protocol is known to have a calming effect on the central nervous system.


Toyohari Meridian Therapy is unique to Japan and is part of the oldest system of acupuncture still in daily use.


Moxibustion is one type of hyperthermia therapy method that originated in ancient China well over 2,200 years ago.


A hands-on body massage treatment opening the body’s defensive to move energy to the meridians and muscles.


It is one of the oldest holistic health therapies still in use today and is part of the state healthcare system in China.